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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Learning to Crochet

In addition to making Japanese Clay Foods, I am learning to crochet. I already know how to knit (only the basic stitches though) but I was motivated to learn how to crochet to make cute animal dolls. (Think Amigurumi!)

Here are a few pictures of my first crochet pieces and yarn I can practice with:

Here is an upclose picture of my first crochet piece. You can see I am using the increasing/decreasing techniques here. (Note: I didn't even realize I was doing this.) After practicing a few more rows, I realized I was counting the stitches wrong, so I was able to correct it and learn how to "increase" my rows.

I bought three extra balls of yarn at the dollar store, and started to crochet a flower using the yellow yarn.

Next project: an Amigurumi doll! I know- I just can't wait to learn how to make them. I figure I the stitching for the doll is usually the basic stitch so I don't need to learn the advanced ones yet, unless I plan to make sweaters/clothing/etc.


  1. cool so how are you doing so far? check out my blog and go to my friend list and you will see sing yee kawaii,she has alot of cool clay thingys.

    i have a question where ya get all that stuff.

  2. HI Jlynn, Check out my latest post on my first project- an Amigurumi pig.

    Thanks for your link, your friend who does kawaii is really talented! I wish I could make crafts like her. But I am trying! :)

    I got my yarn at a local crafts store, but sometimes they have these a dollar store. I particularly like because you can purchase them online too.

  3. You can also purchase clay at a crafts store. I purchased the polymer clay or oven bake clay from the Sculpey brand.