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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Clay Food - French Macarons

What are French Macarons? According to Wikipedia, they are a delicious pastry made of "egg whites, almond powder, icing sugar and sugar." They come in all sorts of colors too, so when you have a dozen of them, they look very pretty. I saw these at the Bastille Day Festival in NYC this summer and I decided to try and make my own! (Not to eat, of course. These are used only for decoration and charms!)

These were taken with my phone camera, which does not have flash. Sorry!

Here is my Clay Food workshop. As you can see I am using regular products, not fancy schmancy tools to make these items. For example, the pen is used as a rolling pin; the paper clip is used to give the macarons its rugged edges; the cap of the toothpaste is used to get the circular shape for the macarons. All you need are your hands to sculpt, clay for materials, and a plastic surface, otherwise everything will stick to your desk!