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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Amigirumi Project #3: Donuts

So my third project amigirumi project is to create donuts. Again, I found the pattern from, and it was very simple to make. (I believe my crochet skills are vastly improving.) I am, of course, crocheting more carrots in between starting new projects. My first donut is this blue one. I have since, made a couple more yellow ones. You can see what it looks like without the stuffing. The shape of a donut is similar to the bowl-shape of the carrot tops and the pig's body.

I am still working on the "frosting."

My first blue donut.

The yellow donut shell

The yellow donut shell (again)

The materials used to stuff the donut- cotton balls and a plastic needle thread to sew the inside.

My completed yellow donut! Enjoy!

Next project: More clay foods..

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